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    V Cuffs

    Shared Play

    Enjoy a rougher touch? Explore our V cuffs, ideal for partners who know exactly who’s the boss. These faux wrist cuffs offer all the fun of bondage with a slightly softer touch of lustful faux leather. Just cuff on your partner and discover binding pleasures.


    VITOS uses only faux leather to ensure no animal suffers. The cuffs are made with quality faux leather, are strong and effective. Choose your lustful color, remember to store in a cool and shaded area, and avoid liquids. Don’t get in a bind, just use cuffs…



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    • Made of faux leather


    faux leather V Cuffs


    1 year warranty


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    08 September, 2021

    The Effect of Covid-19 on Our Sexuality

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    01 September, 2021

    How to Turn Your Partner on to Sex Toys

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    19 February, 2021

    Stress is taking the fun out of our lives

    Stress is already known to be a literal life-sucking leech. It damages multiple aspects of our lives. Well, what areas have been observed to be affected? Stress causes Health weight gain, heart diseases, weak immune system and fast aging. These are only a few of the health conditions that can be cause stress. Low performance […]

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