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Stress is taking the fun out of our lives

By tamir

Stress is already known to be a literal life-sucking leech. It damages multiple aspects of our lives. Well, what areas have been observed to be affected?

Stress causes


weight gain, heart diseases, weak immune system and fast aging. These are only a few of the health conditions that can be cause stress.

Low performance and productivity

Before even talking about our kind of performance, it’s our all around day-to-day life that takes the hit. low performance at work, home and just every activity you’re trying to take part of.

Bedtime stuff

No, we’re not talking about your sleep habits (even though it probably plays a part!).  Stress will easily kill the mood just for everyone, and we all know that lacking in the bedroom will lead to a vicious cycle of stress.


Obviously we’re not here to bum you out with what else gets messed up during stressful times. Class in session, here’s what can you do to bring back the fun to your life.

Stress killers


Didn’t see that coming, right? Picking up your favorite method of working out will help you with balancing your hormones, sleep schedule, and your confidence. That alone will do magic to your life.

Proper nutrition

Another shocker. Sure a fun meal on a date night is necessary for your after-date activities, but bad eating habits will eventually ruin your fun in the bedroom. That includes your caffeine intake.

Leisure time & family time

Focusing only on work and tasks will eventually make you feel burnt-out. Plan ahead your winding-down time, alone or with loved ones (Good for oxytocin release!).

Other relaxing activities

Listening to music, Breathing, Practicing mindfulness & Yoga (see exercise) are all great and not-used-enough methods for dealing with stress. You’ll be amazed how diving deep into those activities can easily make the stress go away. Our personal favorite is saying NO. Saying “no” to other people’s issues, requests we don’t want to deal with, invitations to events that will just drain us, and whatever you can just think about. A “NO” now will lead to an “OH YEAH” later. Promise.


Well, this one we want to emphasize. It’s kinda sad that we need to remind you of that but Positive physical contact can help release oxytocin and lower cortisol. This can help lower blood pressure and heart rate, both of which are physical symptoms of stress. it’s interesting to know that humans aren’t the only animals who cuddle for stress relief. Chimpanzees also cuddle during stressful times.

If before we’ve talked about the vicious cycle of lack of physical contact and stress, now it’s a much more pleasant cycle. We’ll know that a good cuddle can lead to, and we also know the reward of less stress that leads to more fun. 


We know how patronizing it seems to talk about stress in that manner and dealing with it. But in such a stressful society it’s our duty to help you. Our Magazine is an amazing outlet of relaxing news and articles and with our store, your fun has no limits. Go take a look!