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The Effect of Covid-19 on Our Sexuality

By Editorial

Sex is an essential part of our lives as adult couples. It can make or break marriages and relationships to some extent. Since the pandemic happened, it brought – social distancing, keeping away from each other, all that has taken a toll on our intimate relationships. Despite it, we can get back our sexual mojo.

This article will take you through the effects of the Covid – 19 on our sexual wellness and ways we can get back in touch with each other again and find intimacy once more.


The first thing noticed was;

Changing Sexual Desires

At first, when the pandemic came, couples found themselves home with each other and did not have much to do. Their schedules suddenly slowed down, and people finally had time with each other. They could be cozy and spend time all day. Of course, sexual intimacy was part of it.

But after being around each other often for weeks on end, they started finding it wearing them out – especially getting cooped up all day long.

People reported increased worries and stressors as weariness kicked in and reduced financial muscles to run families efficiently due to either job losses, reduced income, or salary cuts. These factors led to decreased sexual desire for their partners. Aside from the stress aspect, some couples started finding each other less attractive and became less sexually attracted towards each other than usual, a factor that may be contributed by familiarity.


The other impact is Dating Techniques.

For those who found themselves having contracted the COVID-19 virus and recovered, their dating habits changed dramatically. First, they dated less because of fear that they would get it again. And with the government lockdowns and set COVID-19 measures, there were no meetups, no coffees, or hanging out.


By default, the dating scene moved online. Many more online dating sites came up. A recent study from Covid-19 suggests that video chatting has become a popular method of courting for singles. Now more than ever, people are using this form of communication to find love and partners. 69% have opened up to the idea while 33% already talk regularly on video chat platforms like Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.

Online dating sites have experienced an increase in single men and women using this means as their primary way to meet someone new. Video chats have become the norm; they allow us to get familiar over time without having physical contact yet.

Generally, the pandemic has changed the dating scene in America. Before this, 34% of single American people had sex before an “official” first date. Well, that rate has dramatically reduced as expected. So we may date, flirt, have those naughty talks, but actual sex will take a bit longer. It’s hard to pin down if it’s a good or bad thing, but what’s for sure is online dating sites will only grow bigger as more people are embracing it.


The solution: Improving Couples Sex Lives

Researchers at the Kinsey Institute suggest one specific activity to improve couples’ sex lives: shaking things up. One in five study participants tried something new, and it helped revive desire and intimacy.

The researchers observed that “people who tried new things were much more likely to report improvements.” Pointing out that “new activities” such as trying different positions or acting on fantasies can help reignite a dulled relationship.

The institute also found that engaging in BDSM had positive effects- with many of those surveyed reporting improved sexual satisfaction. BDSM was listed among the newest additions that couples engaged in during the pandemic correlated to sex life improvement. While the main reasons may be unclear, adopting BDSM as an addition to sex life introduces many new firsts into the relationship, including sex toys. It is seen as a form of release, a space for exploring and acting out new fantasies.

Shaking things up works well for couples living together. It may need acceptance of our status during this pandemic, like accepting our spouses may stay home longer than expected. Spicing things up may include creating home dates and making them exciting by dressing up, making/ordering exciting food, and doing backyard picnics.

Since the pandemic hit, the searches and purchase of sex toys went up, and many new online shops opened – offering a wide variety of toys and accessories for everyone. This could be a new addition and first for many couples. The process of shopping online for sex toys could be exciting, it could motivate couples (and singles) to explore themselves and their partners and new sensations.

Online dating and the addition of telephone and online sex will continue to enjoy great popularity. So for the singles mingling, adapting to the new normal and ways could be the safest way during this pandemic.

If the effects persist for couples whose partners contracted covid, it is advisable to seek professional help to ensure your spouse or partner gets back their sexual interest.

We are still in the covid-19 era, and some of these effects may be here for longer. If we decide to work on any issues we may be experiencing; we are better positioned to have an entire, sexually fulfilling life.